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Ablaze Design brings you beautiful wedding stationery ranges along with a bespoke stationery and design service. Full of bright ideas, I bring your wedding stationery to life, and to make it as memorable as your day. Be daring, be different, be classic or classy, let your style and theme for the day shine through, and most of all make it about you.

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Wedding Stationery

Choose a design from the collection, or brief your own bespoke stationery. Your design will be customised to tie in with your colour scheme of your wedding, and taking note of any fabrics, finishes or embellishments that you have already chosen. Menus, tables plan, name places and more can all complement your invitations.
A mood board is a great place to start, so even if you can't find what you are looking it can really help find a style. Have a look at the Inspiration page to give you ideas. I love it when couples share their pinterest pages, scrapbooks, and pictures, it gives me a flavour of your day and I can let your guests feel it too.

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